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Personal Experiences with the Work...

"I am happy I found you words. I am reading intense odd bits of the last 12 months of my life and seeing how things have been evolving. Thanks for sharing. on December...Part 1: 12/2012...And a ONE, and a TWO -" blogsite anon. 

"Hello there, I was looking for a Paving Danvers MA and I came across your blog, very informative and entertaining, it shows that your an expert in your field. I will definitely be back for more. Keep it up! Cheers! on ONE MINUTE Self Alignment: Pre-paving 101- L. Adams

"I came across this Site in a Comment section on Facebook. And I can't even begin to tell you what making that click here has done for me!!! I am 59 yrs old, an Aquariun, have always felt a Strong pull to Numerology... I have been reading on here for nearly an hour, and I must tell you, that I am Awake and On Fire, for the first time in years!!! Starting Now, and in all my Nows henceforth, your Writings, your Beautiful Knowlege, will be my Mantra and an Energy Source to carry me thru this Renewal. I am a huge procrastinator...and that is in large part why I have been stagnant for years. But as I write this, I feel a "knowing" that my Wings are once again in working order...all I have to do is Fly!! From the bottom of my Heart and Soul...Thank You!! ��❤�� on BEYOND the TIME VIBE: JANUARY 2016- Entering the Higher Octaves of Light-" D.H. WILSON
"I've had several sessions with Carnelle and always get deeper insight into the energies coming up in the coding of the language of numbers. I've also experienced Carnelle assisting others with great wisdom and deep insight during a number of cohosted radio shows. She seems to open up a deep and wise inner well of ancient understanding when focused on the language numbers speak." J. Jandora


"You are the very best at what you do. As a time translator, or what so many others refer to as a numerologist, your work has been excitingly accurate. I’ve even used your techniques in my daily life for both entertainment and to guide my now. Your methods are clear, concise, and fun. And, we both know your expressions as an educator merely brush the flakes off the mound of talents you have, and share with every breath you take.
As a creator, your art explodes with color, form, and genuinely exudes feelings of joy and wonder. As an instructor, you offer your students a tactile experience that stays with each embodiment for a lifetime. As a speaker, your oratories gift the audience with gems of wisdom and interest that transform. 
I’ve rarely known one so willing to share all she knows with her entire being for the altruistic purpose of giving, yet that’s exactly what one gets with you in the room. You are a professional, an energetic force, and a wonder. I am so proud to call you my friend."   
B. Karnes

As founder of E xpandingU and Co­Founder of w, broadcaster and a personality who thrives on bringing awareness to a plethora of subjects, I am always thrilled to be divinely directed to some of the brightest minds on the planet. One of those most brilliant examples of a beacon to humanity is Carmelle Migliore.
Through my journey from consumer to proliferator of alternative news and information I was fortunate enough to be attracted to Carmelle’s work through several synchronicities (the least of which was being on the same B logTalk Radio network and not even knowing it). Carmelle’s gifts lie in the translation of the esoterics of numbers and time­­an oft forgotten ancient modality. Her prowess in the comprehension of­, and education regarding­ how the energies and frequencies we identify as ‘numbers’ and ‘time’ provide a template for our daily BE’ing and DO’ing is second to none.
On a professional level, she has consulted with me with live audiences via internet radio, livestream and webtv series. She has been a core part of the Naturally Better project consultancy since the inception of Phase II of the w l aunch to help the team and the project to expand and grow with the wind at our backs via the readings she provides. This invaluable tool of insight and team­building is incomparable.
I would recommend any individual, team, work group, or family to consider taking the time to have the magnificent experience of a personal consultation time with the Empress of Time, Carmelle.

India Irie,
ExpandingU Media/Naturally Better TV­better­presenters/india­irie­sanatana­dharma/


" I came across Carmelle's blog in a comment section on Facebook.  And i can't even beging to tell you what making that click here has done for me!!
I am 59 yes old, and Aquarian, have always felt a strong put to Numerology...I have been reading on the site for nearly an hour, and i must tell you, that i am Awake and On Fire, for the first time in years!!!
starting Now, and in all my Nows henceforth, your writings, your beautiful Knowledge, will be my Mantra and an Energy Source to carry me thru this Renewal.
I am a huge procrastinator...and that is in large part why i have bee stagnant for years.  But a i write this, i feel a "knowing" that my Wings are once again i working order...all i have to do it Fly!!

From the bottom of my Heart and Soul ...Thank You!! - Dawn Wilson

By Dr Jeremy Ayres DO, ND, SBRCP & CEO of Naturally Better (Canada) Ltd & Naturally Better TV

To whomever it concerns,
It is with great pleasure and absolute sincerity that I recommend the services and professional consultancy of Carmelle Migliore.
Carmelle has proven to be of significant help to myself personally as CEO of the above projects and entities as well as my core management team. I can honestly say without her guidance and specific and unique skill sets we would have floundered and struggled with key events, challenges and deadlines. 
Carmelle brought a calming and infectious positive demeanour to our team meetings with her which enabled us to better see the natural ebbs and flows of energies and timings. Her advice allowed us to know when to push and when (more importantly) when not to, and allow things to unfold.
If you are unfamiliar with such teachings and help then it will certainly prove at times to challenge you and your teams. However, if you listen and work with Carmelle till you gain the experience from her work you will soon see you not only must now work this way with projects but you will dance with the rhythms that where always there but you had previously failed to see.
I am very proud and honoured to now call Carmelle not only a key member of our consultancy team for all Naturally Better projects but also a good friend as it is impossible not to end up loving her as much as her work.

Dr Jeremy Ayres DO, ND, SBRCP, CEO


"Very charismatic! "  W. Tantillo

"Carmelle makes simple understanding of large concepts FUN!" - D. Chantel


"I have known Carmelle now for a couple of years and every time we discuss time, numbers, and/or the world in general, I consistently learn new things from her whenever we re-connect. Her craft has been honed through years of application and experience, and is guaranteed to expand and uplift even the most “awake” minds out there. If you are serious about expansion and growth - if you’re prepared to put in some genuine effort to see the world through myriad new sets of lenses - then you will certainly gain much from a consultation with Carmelle." Paul Conant


I am sending this email on behalf of the positive influence which Ms. C’s numerology reading had upon my current situation in life. Not only were the interpretations of my life path number detailed in a precise and appropriate manner, but her ability to pierce the veil and apply her insight upon life’s treacherous journey proved to be unique and inspiring for anyone who seeks a higher calling in life’s journey. Much respect to Ms. C for her passion and sincerity toward numerology and life in general.
Lee Suvlu


Are you familiar with Numerology? How about Pythagorus? In a recent channeling Pythagorus came through! To say that I was gobsmacked would be an understatement! He explained how numbers (and letters) carry a vibration and how vibration makes up who we are and what we experience. He would pause now and again to say "I love numbers!" I truly believed it. Very recently I came across a numerologist who's enthusiasm for life, truth and Numbers (oh and Pythagorus) was electric! Her excitement for my numbers and the date of our scheduled call: 2/11 was special indeed. If you are looking for an enlightening reading of your numbers, Carmelle will not disappoint! I can't wait for an excuse to ring her up with a question about my numerology! Oh and tell her I sent you!!       Karen Adams


Monday, April 1, 2013

OVERVIEW of The Numbers (in Time)

What Numerology has to offer us has always been out in the open, and before, and, in every culture that we know of, Here, on Earth Time reality.   As symbols representing (x), in this ancient vibrationally based language system, Numbers have pragmatic information regarding mundane activities in Time, as well as supportive guidance for the unfoldment of Self-Creative Self-Knowledge in more perceptually expansive, and, non-linear terms.
Numerology is a language system that encourages withdrawal OUT OF TIME, and into the ultimate power of the Presence in NOW.
Numerology, as I study and practice it, is NOT about predictions as much as it is about an intimate Syllabus of Expansion, the effortless frequency patterns of Time-related growth processes, and, achievement of a Self-Mastered Time Presence en route to the Next. 
For anyone who is interested in learning this simple and Universal frequency language of the patterns of the reflective Time frequencies, the Numbers of Time offers a closer look at the Menu of YOUR Time adventures in a reflective Time "classroom" once you have calculated the overview of your Personal Time map , and,  Core Harmonics
Working with Private,  and, Collective Time Maps, via basic Numerology is just one way to understand the "room" in which you are engaging in, and, attempting to affect never-ending, Self-Created, Self-Evolution.  By practicing your personal Objectives and Expressions in full Source authenticity, Life, IN Time, BeCome MUCH more Fun and satisfying. 
THE DETAILS OF YOUR JOURNEY ARE UP TO YOU, and your trajectory path of opportunities (alternate Timelines) are immediately dictated by what you are THINKING, and EMOTIONALIZING, NOW, as a Frequency "emitter", and, the choice between reacting, and RESPONDING, as a Reflection Into the Time Mirror. 

If Time can be viewed from a more "mechanical" perspective, this basic "clock" of your Time experience, emphasizes, reflects, and, validates Self-Creative Self-Responsibility.   yOur own Intentional focus on more preferential "things" in your own Time Game participation IS the only "work" that is required for leveling Up to more wide open and welcoming options for experience when you CHOOSE to re-enter the Collective Time Games.  

This perspective of Numerology facilitates a broader, and certainly more LOGICAL overview of yOur Journey (in Earth Time mechanics terms) that supports newly budding perspectives about the opportunities that YOU have called to You for yOur own Joy, and Eternally expanding "education" as an Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing (EMDCB).   Engaging Self-Creative direction Into Time, through the Numbers/Symbols which express Your views of sequential progression, can assist you to learn to take one bite at a Time and find the Beauty and Joy INherent in each moment of Focus, rather than continuing to "expect", and, therefore CREATE, the worst case scenario, or, habitually chasing after lesser Love in the dark places of Self-denial. 
It's YOUR ride. 
As a Self-Authenticating, Self-Directing tool, NUMEROLOGY is an uncomplicated language that uses merely 9 numeric symbols, plus Zero, as it’s presenting "dialect " for the current Collective Time frequencies.  Reviewing historical/memorial data with it brings the bottom line INTENTIONAL data for any relayed event on a Timeline.   Numerology can show the deeper Intentional Truth of the Time cycle being examined, but it matters not, because there IS only Now.   And,  It matters not which cultural language symbols you use to represent the frequencies of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, plus Zero- the essence opportunities within those base frequencies are the same in all cultures and calendars- on the planet. 
Off planet, and, NON-physicality Frequency Mastery, is an entirely different Insight, but, All are STILL One. 
The piling on of other frequencies in multiple digits, adds expanded Views and more details within the opportunities.   
The language of Numbers (in Time) is quite succinct and profound.  ALL Numbers In Time describe the palpable energy behind distortions of [beliefs] and behavioral habits and the balancing of cyclic Growth opportunities within a co-created reality. 
In our COLLECTIVE search through a reality that is readily perceived as a "physical" world, we continually expand our inquiries for cosmic answers.  THOSE ANSWERS are Self-Created.  And, so are the challenges, and, distractive devices that are designed to TEST Self-Creative focus resolve.   Gotta LOVE Team contrast, or, Polarity, since there IS no Other.  
All are One. 
We continue to SEE the overlapping of reSources, modalities, and varied methodologies of Self-discovery and personal Creative consolidation.   The Mastery of Self-Balance is highly recommended, and, evidently ENCOURAGED by the (All That Is), or, the infinite availability of such tools wouldn't be there for the asking and right in front of your face consistently.  
This Vibrational Language system is one of them.  And, from This translator's experience, is the base primer, or, the key that opens the View from withIn, gently and consistently, until choosing the Next level of vibratory Mastery. 

A PERSONAL FREQUENCY Translation portal is being built (yes, actually-, so that you can dig deeper into Your own Personal Numbers and Timing cycles, with more specific details of your own opportunities.   

In this ever-evolving Personal numbers subscriptions portal, You will have access to monthly PERSONAL Timing over-views, based on your PERSONAL YEAR, so that you can get the hang of how to see these cycles for yourSelf eventually, that includes examples and some tips on how to best utilize the frequency opportunities of your PERSONAL Participations which contribute to the Flow in the Collective Global cycles described in the General COLLECTIVE Frequency Translations. 
If you are interested in seeing the mechanical aspects of the SYLLABUS of your own learning experiences as an Eternal Being (playing around in Time), I would suggest that you calculate your personal core numbers, and your personal TIMING numbers, and use the basic definitions of the numbers and cycles provided within the general collective pages and posts available here, and, to observe Time-frequency patterns for yourself.  
Or, if you would some personal attention with Me, and Your Frequency patterns and opps, contact me to schedule a session (Here).  

I always welcome any respectful and constructive comments or questions, and invite you to LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE, etc... 

This is a Numbers in Time tutorial video that can get you going in the Flow...

Friday, February 22, 2013

NOVA: The Illusion of TIME

What IS TIME?   
How can we master our deliberate manifestational skills within it?
Can we transcend Time intentionally?

You can begin to learn the basics of the simple language of the Numbers (in Time) in the page tabs above with the links provided here.

NOVA: the Illusion of Time

Personal Experiences with the Work... "I am happy I found you words. I am reading intense odd bits of the last 12 months of my life and...