FOUR: Practicing with the rules of the current reality focus in TIME; tending to the details of the mundane through systems, organization and structure of the foundations of beliefs, and the rules of engagement in the Time platform experiences.

FOUR Timing influence indicates a time to put your nose tot he grindstone.  It is a time when one attempts to make order out of chaos and to organize and systemize the selected parts and mechanisms in play that need a cleaning out, or mechanical maintenance.  Sometimes this means simply the urge to clean out closets and drawers, and sometimes it means that there is a bigger work load on physical projects with a perception of the need for a  foundational change of rules and/or procedure.  

In the FOUR frequency influence, One tends to fee limited by space, and/or resources, or assistance. This is an opportunity to work with the materials at hand, as well as understand the mechanisms of TIME and the sequence of manifestation in such a closed experiential reality.  Hold your focus in your NOW Presence to get through to reset the details of your world, one step at a Time.

FOUR Personalities find comfort in order and structure, experimenting and practicing the mechanisms of process and manifestation.  they are good at creating and maintaining  Systems, structures; and, organization come naturally.   Four's can be depended upon to devise an accurate solution, and tun design and plan any aspect of "process" in the materials reality.  Altho 4 's are highly focused an adept at the details of design, and the minutia of Living, they often feel pressured and can be abruptly matter of fact in their communications.

When this frequency is blended with more "broad view" etheric/theoretical number frequencies- such as 7, or 11 - they have a good view of the workings of natural  Cosmic flow that may be difficult for them to organize and express in words- so they will oftn attempt this visually in "pictures", drawings, diagrams and lists.
When these gifts  and talents are out of balance they can be rigid and dogmatic, and sometimes closed to the input of more DATA which can find them spinning in their own tight circle of control, and obsessive compulsions.

BALANCED FOUR: Organized, balanced, methodical, mechanically inclined.

EXCESS FOUR: Argumentative, blunt, coarse, fixed, opinionated, stubborn, unimaginative, critical.

REPRESSED FOUR: Careless, disorganized, impractical, indifferent, lazy in-adaptable, unproductive.

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