THREE: expressing and sharing what is being experienced; wonderment and awe at what is available; Joyful expression of process and discovery.

THREE Timing influence indicates a tiem when things seem to be rolling along at their own pace as personal Time is taken to stop and observe the opportunities and gifts of Grace in Now experiences.  Creative urges are high in this influence and often flows out in words, poetry, song- and in food preparation and enjoyment.  Ordinarily this is a very Joyful period, but this depends on other concurrent influences in effect.  Sometimes, this influence can make you feel overwhelmed with the Beauty and delight you see, and sometimes you can feel like no matter what effort you put in, you are ineffectual.  This is a very good time to play the "glad game", or to pursue Art, writing,  theater, cooking, and gardening activities to occupy you mind and soothe the Spirit.  It is a Time to express what you are experiencing- do it with Joy in your heart and others will hear you and be Uplifted!

THREE Personalities find comfort in the glory and beauty of the world around them.  These individuals are the creative dreamers and tend to be on the happy-go-lucky side.  They are also verbally inclined, and have talents in writing, speaking, singing, acting and anything that has to do with the mouth- or, the gustatory senses.  Cooking and gardening also fall under this numbers natural talents.  They have a delightful gift for pointing out the obvious with such wonder and beauty that they incite others to join them in their joyful visions when they are happy- or really be a buzz-kill when they are down and depress.

BALANCED THREE: Amusing, appreciative, artistic (verbal), creative, enthusiastic, inspirational, happy, optimistic, Self-expressive, verbally inclined, witty, youthful.

EXCESS THREE: Biased, condescending, exaggerating, gossipy, scattered, silly, wasteful.

REPRESSED THREE: Anxious, apprehensive, critical, evasive, grumpy, inarticulate, unforgiving, depressed.

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