SIX:  Seeking balance between the inner ideals and the outer reality; reflecting the Love and Beauty that is experienced, and establishing boundaries regarding relationships and Self- identity.

SIX Timing influence indicates a time to evaluate the rules of your relationships between you and You; you and your close community; and, You and the All That Is.  New boundary lines are needing to be established  in this cycle that are in perfect accordance to the new identity that is blooming.  It is best to be clear about your own intentions underlying your participation in all relationships, and alert to manipulations of guilt and shame being used by all parties involved.

SIX Personalities find comfort int the pursuit of balanced relationship.  They tend to want to negotiate boundaries and nurture the individuals they are involved with- sometimes to the point of martyrdom.  They express themselves in pictures as well as words and attempt to mirror Love in a responsible manner.  They are adept at visual/auditory arts, such as photography, painting and drawing and music.  They are wonderful natural teachers, healers, mediators, and translators.

BALANCED SIX: Affectionate  appreciative, artistic, balanced, benevolent, domestic, generous, Lovable, romantic, nurturing, sincere, responsible, gracious, and sensitive.

EXCESS SIX:  Anxious, despairing, envious, fearful, interfering, possessive, smothering, vindictive, jealous.

REPRESSED SIX: Biased, bigoted, impersonal, inattentive, insensitive, irresponsible, petty.

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