ZERO, in terms of translating how it is used in Numerology, is a magnifying frequency which emphasizes the data in the number before or after it in a sequence.  

Currently, in 2013, for example- the zero emphasizes both the (2) frequency of the collective Millennial objective (in Time), and the (1) of the collective's decade objective.  
It has been my observation that as Beings of Now Presence, we will feel and grasp the understanding and the skills to fully exemplify the Gifts and talents that we are discovering about Self (1) as an underlying tool for the (2) Millennial goal of Conscious co-operation of All participants in the Time platform.  

Zero's in your personal Core and Timing Map frequencies will emphasize the number that follows or precedes it as well- and you are assured to grasp insight and Mastery of that numbers opportunities and natural traits.  

Here is a brief history of the ZERO in Earthly incarnation for some fun, but- i would recommend that if you are seeing zero's in and around your Time reality that you also look to what is being magnified jus to the side of it with some focus, and take your opportunities cues from there. 
The Story of ZERO:

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