Monday, April 1, 2013

OVERVIEW of The Numbers (in Time)

Numerology, as i study and practice it, is NOT about predictions- that's just a natural by-product of understanding the view that using the data it contains for anyone who is interested in learning this simple and universal language of the patterns of the frequencies behind the Numbers of Time.

Working with personal and global Time Maps, via basic Numerology is just one way to understand the "room" in which you are engaging by choice in the CO-CREATED reality.  THE DETAILS OF YOUR JOURNEY ARE UP TO YOU, and are dictated by what you are THINKING (in Time) , NOW.
This perspective of Numerology and it's overview of your Journey (in Time) supports new perspectives about the opportunities that YOU have called to you for your own experience and "education" as an Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing.  Time, through the Numbers/Symbols that express your views of sequential progression can assist you to learn to take one bite at a Time and find the Beauty and Joy in it- rather than continuing to "expect" the worst and looking for Love in the dark places of Self denial.  

NUMEROLOGY is an uncomplicated language that uses merely 9 numeric symbols, plus Zero, as it’s presenting "dialect " for the current Time frequencies.   It matters not which language symbols you use to represent the frequencies of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 , plus Zero- the essence of the opportunities within the frequencies are the same in all languages. 

This video is an example frequencies manifested into Sacred geometric dances into PHYSICALITY (sand ) -  and their "personalities, gifts, and talents" that i describe in all posts and tutorials regarding the number symbols and the opportunity cycles that our frequencies bring into our own physical realities.  

The language of Numbers (in Time) is  quite succinct, and profound.  Numbers In Time describe the palpable energy behind belief and behavioral habits and the cyclic opportunities within our co-created reality that manifest into our private reality.
What Numerology has to offer us has always been out in the open, and in every culture.   Numbers have pragmatic information regarding mundane activities in Time, as well as supportive guidance for the unfoldment of Self Knowledge in more expansive and non-linear terms, that encourages the withdrawal OUT OF TIME into the powerful presence in NOW. 

In our search through our physical world for cosmic answers, the overlapping of resources, modalities, and methodologies of Self discovery and personal consolidation- or, healing- is highly recommended, and, evidently ENCOURAGED by the All that Is... or, the infinite availability of such tools wouldn't be there for the asking and right in front of your face constantly.  

THIS site, The Numbers In Time,  which you are reading right now, is a focus of the general over-view of the meanings of the numbers.  

And, THIS site, is being built so that you can dig deeper into Your own Personal Numbers and Timing with more specific details of your own opportunites   In this Personal numbers site i will be posting monthly PERSONAL timing over-views so that you can get the hang of how to see these cycles for yourSelf in your PERSONAL cycles, which make up the Global cycles described in The Empress Of Time site.     

If you are interested in seeing the mechanical aspects of the SYLLABUS of your own learning experiences as an Eternal Being (in Time), i would suggest that you calculate your personal core numbers, and your personal TIMING numbers, and use the basic definitions of the numbers and cycles provided within the pages and posts available here and in my main blog.   WATCH, for yourself, what your Time cycles are bringing you.  
Your perspective of opportunities and choices, and your responses and feelings as your cycles flow, WILL show you more expanded views of your Creativity and your Journey OUT of Time. 

 As a tool of Self discovery, Your PERSONAL Timing cycles, such as the current personal year, personal month, & personal day  are useful for evaluating and keeping a bead on the flow of your own evolutionary processes as you look for and ALLOW more Joy - in the form of any and all EASE and FLOW, in your days.  When you know what is coming – because of the Grace of a repetition mechanism that 3-4D Time provides - you CAN begin to CHOOSE response and responsibility over reaction.    

Yes, you  know the difference Now,  don’t  you?     

When practicing with Presence in Now,  we  can  accept  responsibility  for what  we,  as INDIVIDUALS of a collective Soul group (in Time), have created before us in our physical- co-created- reality, and have more CONSCIOUS effect on what we WANT to experience.   

I hope you find the language of the Numbers (in Time) useful for awakening to your Eternally Creative potentials.  
I welcome any respectful and constructive comments, or questions. 

This is a Numbers in time tutorial video that can get you going...

Thanks for Your participation in this Spiral Journey! 

See You in the Mirror!   



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Friday, February 22, 2013

NOVA: The Illusion of TIME

What IS TIME?   
How can we master our deliberate manifestational skills within it?
Can we transcend Time intentionally?

You can begin to learn the basics of the simple language of the Numbers (in Time) in the page tabs above with the links provided here and in the links and resources within my main blog portal

NOVA: the Illusion of Time

My deepest Gratitude for YOUR participation in this Spiral Journey with Me!

Until the Next-
I hold the image that-
No matter where you go, or what you are doing, or who you are with- may it be your dominant intention to LOOK for and ALLOW the Joy and Expansion that you are wanting in your Life, AND may you attract only those Beings, both physical and non-physical, that ARE in Harmony with your Joyful Expansion in co-creative exuberance. 

In Love- 
as Ever,