BASIC Number Meanings

this is a structural overview of the language of numbers:  

 1, 2, 3... are initiation frequencies....

ONE:  Beginnings, and the ideation of new ideals and directions.  One represents the place of I AM. The understanding and awareness of the Self as Divine:  A Creator Being.  A time to be still and listen for your own song.  Ideas may be plentiful, make notes; but this is not yet a time for finishing.  It is a time for beginning and for thinking about what you may want to create, or become.  It is a fresh opportunity to be original, self reliant and independent. 

Attributes: Independent, idealistic, solitary comfort without isolation, leadership.  

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 TWO:  Connecting and creating partnerships, commitments to group projects. A time to reach out and connect with others, you don’t even have to seek them out- others will come to you.  A time to be receptive and cooperate in projects for the sake of seeing the project move forward for the betterment of All.  Waiting is to be expected. Offer assistance and support where you can while remaining open to connections and partnerships, ideas, and methodologies. 

Attributes:  Connection, communication (multi-media, electronics, etc. ), cooperation, patience, and service minded.  

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 THREE: Sharing what is experienced; wonderment and awe at what is available; joyful expression of creative process and discovery. A time when things seem to be rolling along at their own pace as Time is taken to be aware of the opportunities to stop and watch the world roll by.Ordinarily this is a joyful period, but this influence can make you feel like no matter what effort you put in, you are confused or ineffectual. This is a good Time to practice Gratitude, and play at activities that allow your expression of Spirit.

Attributes: Joyfulness, all vocal expressions (singing/music, poetry, theater, public speaking, writing), cooking, food gardening.

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4, 5, 6...are productive frequencies...

FOUR:  Time, and the material/mechanical details of experience in it.  Tending to the details of the mundane through rules and agreements of order, systems, organization. A time to put your nose to the grindstone, attempting to make order out of chaos, to organize or re-organize and systemize parts of life that need a realignment or some mechanical attention to the foundation of the project/idea.  Working with the materials at hand to build a foundation can bring a bit of frustration by the perception of limited resources, space, assistance.  Remain present, tend to the minutia, you are building your future.  When life gives you lemons- figure out how to use them to expand- without complaining. 

Attributes: orderly, systematic, sequential, 

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FIVE:  Adventure, exploration of senses, and the awareness of wide-open opportunities. A time to experiment with physical nature.   Sudden, unexpected adventures and events, and windfalls are common during this influence.  Play and try out new things with the body and the environment, but  maintain respect for their nature without over-indulging, or falling into abuse. so you can sort through all the opportunities that come your way.  You’ll want to pick and choose them according to your deeper directives without overextending your Self.

  SIX:  Seeking balance between the inner ideals and the outer reality; Reflecting the Love and Beauty that is experienced, and establishing boundaries regarding relations and identity. A Time to evaluate the agreements of your relationships. Boundary lines will need to be established for fairness and inclusion of the needs of all parties.  Be clear about your own contribution and set your relationships in peaceful balance, free from any tentacles of attachment, or constrictive beliefs. 
Attributes:  visual arts, health and healing, arbitration and mediation, nurturing, parenting. 

7, 8, 9... are culmination frequencies...

SEVEN:  Assessment/ re-evaluation of Life’s processes and ideals.  A time to stop and think about where you have come from, where you are Now, and where you think you may want to go next.  New rules have been established in the Six, so there needs to be an adjustment of Vision to accommodate new goals that will result from new boundaries; break mind-loops with  movement & meditation which stimulate the analytical phase and recharge the Spirit.

EIGHT:  Understanding and administrating the physical realm.  A time to take dynamic action on projects and ideas; Action key.  Administrate your time and resources with your goals in mind.  Put in the good work- for good reasons.  Engaging with key personnel to assist is best done with your eye on talents, not their mere availability. This energy does not work well with self-serving attitudes of instant gratification.  Elegance and dignity will carry you a long way with this influence, so don’t be a militant bully, or a braggart.  

NINE:  Realization of ultimate and unconditional LOVE;  the RELEASE of patterns and beliefs that allow something new to approach.  A time to release the people, beliefs, and rules that do not serve the new vision.  9 encourages endings, some expected, some protracted. Go with the flow on this one, It’s time to shed what is holding you back so you can embrace new opportunities & discover a new level of Love- with compassion, not attachment or judgment.  Let it go.

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