translating expansive opportunities and data, reflective imagery.

(original hand built collage; poster prints and card sets available.) 
Carmelle Migliore - 2002, 

In general, as a basic notation on these powerfully opportunistic frequencies, the Master Numbers (11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99..) frequencies are a stream of exponential Light Data- so, once you have become familiar with the base Number descriptors the expanded DATA that these frequencies bring can be "seen" and understood by the Higher Self Presence in unison with your Time Presence.   When you are ready for this- you'll naturally begin to understand the numbers as symbolic translation tools in your daily awareness of experience in Time.  

11: [ILLUMINATION, insight, intuition]
The ever expanding awakening; a stream of intuited information - heightened telepathic experiences; practicing discerning, and respect for Self  as Source in All relationships; 
clear and transparent telepathic communications. 

11: 2  : [Reflective imagery and Translating]
IN-Coming High-level communications bring visual imagery for deeper clarity of intentions of all projects (projections) and participants in question.   These visual cues and "symbols" in the immediate holographic playground can be manipulated with more confidence when this frequency's ideal is upheld, and utilized for INclusive Ideals. 

Translating the images into Uplifting Insights and conversations are  a vital part of the experience of this frequency's Gift.  New perspectives and beliefs enter the physical manifestation assembly processes and include Illuminations/Insights/Inspiration containing the Ease and Flow direction of opportunities, and solutions for things that you could think your way out of previously.  

In this frequency, manifestation is quite speedy.  Words- LOVING and ALLOWING words, are the grease on the Joyride.  All judgment will be like looking into the Mirror at your OWN Self as same.  So, just LOVE NOW and move into the power of the High-road - Eleven brings a choice between 2 high ideals.  Always intend to do the right thing for ALL participants makes a big difference to the lives of others when we just cut tot he bottom line and side step all of the trauma and drama of conflict and denial.  

But this 11 Mo-Jo opportunity cannot be maintained unless you make some very clear  declarations about Who and What you THINK  You ARE

The opportunities of the 11 frequency are approachable and the entire manifestational Cosmos is poised to bring even your tiniest Love wish right TO you.   Others will come to you for your powerful [11] Mo-Jo, while you have it, but they won't know why, except that they are trusting you to hold space for their own growth as a reflection in some way, and are stimulated by your words and ideas.   
This is where many EMDB's (Eternal Multi-Dimentional BEings) are tempted to use that power for Selfish manipulations that do NOT contain INClusion in their Objective.

If those stimulations are not of the Uplifting kind,  remember that you are talking INto the Mirror.  HOW do You want to Be Loved?  Use your Magic for Love, not for sustaining the Illusory options in fear.  
You'll be MUCH  happier, and FAR more satisfied with what Uplifting participation in this frequency cycle will bring you, even it's for only the short cycles of the 11th hour of the Day, or any 11 Day. 

When the [11] Frequency cannot be maintained for any reason, the frequency will naturally drop down to the 2 Frequency. (1+1=2)
The 2  frequency growth potentials are in arenas cooperation, and participating in a network of fascination and growth.  
11:2  days, for example,  can be a nice frequency for holding meetings, and Heart to Heart chats, gathering of team members and sharing, CoCreating.   
Life altering decisions are often made in 11 opportunity windows because of the Breath of Inspiration that brings some personal and profound meaning of Purpose and Intention.    New plans and ideas such as residence changes, and business ventures, can flow- but, when you see 11, think:  Creative Epiphany's- and then stop and LISTEN, there is something valuable to Expansion there.   

11 frequency cycles (in Time) contain exponential 1 frequency opportunities- which means that emphasis is on the awareness of "I AM That I AM" will allow us to have access to information that comes from our non-physical Source Presence with much more ease and clarity.  Intuition and psychic abilities will be high in these cycles, particularly if you have 11's in your own personal Timing, such as an 11 personal year, month,  day, or in your Core Numbers.  

In 11 cycles, Pay attention to the gentle inner urgings, thoughts- and presented opportunities that will lead you to an epiphany, or, illumination regarding your presence and your awakening abilities as a Multi-Dimensional Being in training.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what you "hear" or "see", as 11 is determined to shake you out of your complacency by giving you access to occult/hidden/secret information- for the purpose of SHARING (2) with your outer reality connections in some way that will open up more expansive vistas and opportunities. 
If you are or have been seeing 11's on clocks, etc....there is information that is at the ready for you  to absorb.  Stop immediately and get into your Now Presence.  Be still, and listen- or watch for incoming data that is to be shared or utilized for the upliftment of All.  Someone is trying to get your attention and tell you something.  Take a moment to get observe what is happening WITHIN you.  

A note to the impatient, and the discouraged:  
Sorry, All things (in Time) are subject to processual evolution- steps and according to your own focus and BELIEFS.  
The IDEA of linear Time keeps us from instantly manifesting some really UNproductive thoughts and ideas we ALL have from moment to moment and allows the appropriate parts and particles of the morphogenic field to coalesce the "things" called to experience.  
So, the rules, institutions, and other structures of the outer space reality platform will undergo an INTELLIGENT, systematic restructuring- as YOU expand your perspectives without judgement and false identity beliefs.   We Know that the cosmos is quite ordered and Loving in it's directive to bring All back to the One- Prime Source and Center.   So, if [11] consistently brings provocation, learn to Chill a bit longer.  
YOU are the Grand Designer of your Time experience. 
Mind your own NOWs for better steering of your experience toward your Joy. When 11 is ADDED to the mix, there is a feeling of "Super Human" Knowing and Illuminations of that being accurate, and WHY.    

11 brings an opportunity for deep and vast KNOWING of things you would not have had any idea how to attain.   Attaining Information in the winds bring unexpected insights and ideas to get around obstacles, challenges, and enhance the materials and resources at hand.   
Meditation is always a great way to tap into this data frequency.   
11 frequency brings wit and increased absorption of data via visual cues.  In an 11 frequency influence, it's much easier to get to "it" from within using whatever method you need to assist the Balance.  
All Divine Right Action is meditation in motion.  The information that will come with this influence, will not be broadcast on the news..altho it CAN be, but it usually comes directly to the BEing in tune with 11, even for a short cycle, brilliantly speaking, sharing, what is "seen" in Imagery of the Lighted Minds Eye. 
BAm!  An Epiphany in the form of a complete mental picture with detailed designs and specific terms directed to specific issues and objectives in question.  

So, with 11, welcome stillness whenever and wherever you can find it, and PAY ATTENTION to the images flashing across your Mind's Eye.  Tweak them with WORDS into Brilliant pictures of Inspiration.  Once you get "it", it must be translated for the benefit of others somehow, as withholding Light is a misuse of the Data.  And you know how it feels to be misled by bogus data, OR, having Data WITHHELD from You these days, don't you.   

In a Collective GLOBAL 11 cycle, this is shared information...there is a broadcasting of awareness that is sprinkled down upon the whole of those (in Time) who have the presence to "hear", which pertains to a topic of personal Presence.   
in a Collective 11 frequency cycle, Information that comes from withIN is for You, first.  Finding a way to share can be a challenge. 
At the same Time, finding a way to HIDE it will prove impossible, as All participants of the Time game will have the same Insightful opportunities to SEE the Data, Internally, as well.  
This is where liars and posers fall from Grace quickly, and with some humiliating backlash, in the process of clearing up the Collective Vision and Objectives.   Identification and RE-Alignment IS quick and efficient.  

In a Personal 11 cycle, the information is given to you directly, specifically for you to use for immediate expansion. 
{1} Frequency is Initiation INto Presence, AS Source, One, I AM. 
11 is actually ALL ABOUT YOU, and revels in personal perceptions and processes, as long as you can hold the High standard of FOCUS required to actualize the potent opportunities and advantage available. 
If ONE represents: I AM. 
Then, [11] represents: I AM that IAM.  
Definitely a much more confident and Presently powerful position of Self Perception.   

The objective of 11 frequency opportunity is to Listen, and then share what you come to Know for the betterment of All, by doing or repeating the insights you gain appropriately.
This is not difficult if the Heart is leading.  
But, if this frequency is abused with lower Ideals based on personal Ideas of lack or not enough {of anything}, and focused on self-serving fear-based activities- like lying (even by omission) and other manipulations...(usually, all manipulations are perpetrated by false representations, right?)  
All indications with Master Numbers, in general, say to just DO THE RIGHT THING, and take the High Road, and the rewards will be so much better than the Truth you scrambling to hide and were afraid of. 

11, elevates the Vision to a much more comprehensive 
view of this achievement.  Master Numbers, (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc...) take the Vision up and out of Time, and places the overarching ideals smack-dab in the lap of the All Possibility, at Free Will.  
In 11, Expect to have a conversation with [The All that Is] in some form- and if you are particularly focused in Heart, you'll be Kissed on the Third Eye.    

11 = (1+ 1) = 2: 
When the 11 frequency cannot be sustained by an individual, Grace drops it to the lower frequency opportunity of (2), [11= (1+1) =2] , and you will simply be cooperative- which is the BASE objective.   That's not so bad when you are holding your own presence and intentions in the Vision by assisting others.  It can become quite uncomfortable tho when cooperation becomes submissive, and subservient- so keep an eye on your boundary lines

The (2) frequency is THE objective of the Collective Conscious Mind (in Time), and is fortified by each and every other (2) frequency in the collective Time platform. 

 All frequencies can be harmonious to each other if approached with balance, but as Eternal Creator BEings in training, and still within Time, perfection in Balance is not a consistent achievement due to the deliberately placed choices/contrasts upon all of us (inTime) and the Nature of the tool of Awakening, we Know as Time.   

It's the nature of the Time platform to distract and test- thus STRENGTHEN the Being, until true Knowledge is attained and practiced with Conscious [I AM] focus.  
And IN Time, we percieve "Others" who play along WITH Us, as expanding Creative BEings.  
But we DO this from a specific and Unique personal perspective as

Your participation in The New Millenium (2000-2999, in Time) 
By Now, most would concur that the obvious agenda for this next Millennium (in Time) is focused in (2);  "Unity Consciousness".  

Remembering that these keywords for the mastery of the gifts of the (2) frequency will be the focus for us (in Time) throughout this millennium and will continue to be backed up and emphasized by each and every sub-elemental frequency along the "Way" in the Time calendar.  

Time and Sequence serve Us to allow the necessary expansion in baby steps. 
The good news is that Time is a cyclic reality experience.
Pay attention to Your SELF.
Some steps are easier, and we Fly, and sometimes we fall, and have to "do it" again.  
ALL is in Perfection Now, as Ever. 
Anyway, It's an Eternal Journey...what ELSE have you got to DO, in Time?  :)

We KNOW Now that it's much better to play nice and share, and we are willing to make efforts to bring our collective Time playground to this way of Being.  In doing so, All benefit- not just the misdirected few in their outer space platform of drama of trauma.   

The reclamation of Iceland by it's own peoples is a fine and present example of this in full force and shows a commitment to the (2) objective.  Yes, they had to tussle a bit for it- they HAD to MEAN IT, and follow through in action to achieve it-- but, it was achieved by cooperation amongst the base collective,  and certainly never approved by the testy, abusive, controllers.   

With 11, abuse is NEVER tolerated for long.  
In 11 influence, even if you are feeling snappy and quick witted and in the Know, and on top of your 'game', be mindful of your Hearts desire, your responses, and your intentions to participate in a game of Love and Connection that is focused on the big picture of our Collective expansion- 2013: (6), of Love Balance, Responsibility, Truth in Love) . 
11 opportunities bring big insights, and if used with balance and fairness, also brings big REWARDS for doing so.  
You are never alone.  This means you are always being watched.  
Nothing goes unnoticed in this classroom of Time. 

NOW is the Time to BE the change you wish to see in the world....this will be easy if you put your Heart in charge.  The effect of High-Mindedness is exponential.  
The exponential effect that you will have in the 11 essence opportunities within your own Now focus will come back. So, be attentive to what you are flinging into your Mirror reality Time experience.  
Likewise, if you are abusive with your information under 11 influence- it won't result in anything that feels good, but it will surely make it's point clear about personal power and choices. 

In 11, HOLD FAST TO YOUR NOW'S, and watch for the miracle(s) to roll into your reality, which will in turn effect the All of your adventures, and those playing with you, in Time. 

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