ONE: Beginning and the ideation of new ideals.  One represents the place of I AM, and the understanding and awareness of the Self as a Multi-dimensional Creator BE-ing.

One Timing influence indicates a time to be still and listen for your own song.  Ideas may be plentiful, but this is not a time for finishing.  It is a time for beginning and for thinking about what you may want to create, or build upon later.  One timing is an opportunity to be original, self reliant and independent.  This often feels like a chrysalis state where you can safely float while focusing on projects in your own "space"- self-protected until you feel like coming out and making connections with others again.

Numerology is much likened to the theories of HOMEOPATHY where the more broad waved, the deeper and more enduring the healing/balancing actions in the manifested reality.
So, .....
We might consider the significance of the Global 3-4D Timing calendar (in Time) which includes 10 years of opportunities from the Gifts and lessons of ONE frequency influence, from 2010 through 2019, as a VITAL part of the expansion process into our Multi-Dimensionality- as a group reflection in the Time classroom.   Yes, some of us will move from hither to yon and back again before this decade is done with us.  Just Know that Eternal Human IDENTITY is on the block.  So, what you think of your Self first matters.  As this decade of ONE's global identity crisis ushers forth, this is a decade to work on solidifying or dissolving constricting beliefs of Self Image, Worth, Capabilities, and most of All- Self INTENTION.   ONE Timing brings cycles of opportunities to dream, plan, and decide what you WANT, and to understand, first hand,  that THOUGHT brings [it] right TO you.

ONE Personalities can find comfort both in solitary, or among the masses as they tend to view themselves as individuals and autonomous; they tend to be happily Self contained.  They can sufficiently isolate themselves in order to remain objective in the face of outer world activities and trends, and they can lead by example if they want to be an active leader, as they have many ideas, but their leadership is best exemplified by a peaceful I AM presence.  BE-ing, for them, is the path of least resistance and brings them rewards in the way of Inspiration, ideas, new beginnings, and respectful but creative boundary lines.

BALANCED ONE ENERGY is active, ambitious, aspiring, confident, creative (thought), independent, leader, original, progressive, secure, Self-reliant, Self-sufficient.

EXCESS ONE ENERGY: Aggressive, antagonistic, arrogant, boastful, bossy, vain, Self-ish.

REPRESSED ONE ENERGY: changeable, dependent, fearful, insecure, passive, procrastinator, vulnerable, indecisive.

A video of the story of ONE for a bit of FUN! ..............

the full documentary by Terry Jones:

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