EIGHT: Understanding and administrating the physical realm and the Time experience, including resources, personnel, Time, and acting in dynamic ways to achieve control over all components of a Vision.  

EIGHT Timing influence indicates a time to take dynamic action on projects and ideas.  Movement is key int his energy cycle.  Administrate your Time and resources with your highest goals in mind.  Put in the good work- for good reasons.  This energy does not work well with Self-serving attitudes of instant gratification; the result will be a feeling of accomplishment that is false and short lived.  Elegance and dignity with fairness will carry you a long way with this influence in your material accomplishments, so don't be a militant bully.  Often this frequency will bring opportunities to simple re-arrange your daily activities and purpose (like a j-o-b or career), and sometimes it means rearranging your personal domicile, workshop, etc.  The bottom line with 8 is to try to implement your new ideas and projects  after traversing the 1 through 6 experience of expanded Self in Love in the Time reality platform.

EIGHT Personalities find comfort in action and trial.  They are natural administrators and manifesters who have the ability to focus on the manipulation of physical materials, resources, personnel, and other materialistic phenomenon for the satisfaction of movement and growth.  They have an understanding of active, focused applications of the integrative processes of experience.  With this administrative gift, they are often the able leaders and organizers of successful inter-dependent projects.  When out of balance they can be misdirected, materialistic, and aggressive to the point of bullying and abuse.

BALANCED EIGHT: clear headed, patient, diplomatic, authoritative  broadminded perspective and detail minded, administrative leadership.

EXCESS EIGHT: abusive, combativeness, disreputable, gaudy, militant, tactless, willful, threatening.

REPRESSED EIGHT:  Careless, cowardly, disorderly, insecure, misdirected, unrealistic, undisciplined, weak, unfocused.

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