FIVE: Adventure and exploration of the senses, and the awareness of wide open opportunities that follow the urge to expand and grow.

FIVE Timing influence indicates a time to experiment with physical nature, sensuality, and the environment.  Sudden, unexpected adventure and events and windfalls are common during this influence.  Play, and try out new things with the body and environment without succumbing to abuse and addiction while you savor all of the wonderful sights and sensations.  An excited position of presence brings expanded awareness of opportunities everywhere you look, you you'll want to pick and choose according to your deeper directives without overextending you Self- which serves no one.
5 also brings new friends and lovers- although often short lived;  even brief, exciting affairs and connection will serve the expansion that is sought in this frequencies opportunities.

FIVE Personalities find comfort in constant change and stimulation.  They love adventure and the thrill of the unknown, and discovery.  They possess a view of the world that sees a very wide scope of opportunities which encourages over-stimulation sometimes as they thrive on the changing environment and the pursuit of expanding experiences.  It is not uncommon, when out of balance, to succumb to food, sex, substance abuse or emotional turmoil for entertainment, and short attention spans within relationships.

BALANCED FIVE: Adventurous, alert, charming, curious, eager, daring, dynamic, energetic, flexible, spontaneous, whimsical.

EXCESS FIVE: Agitated, erratic, excitable, forgetful, hysterical, impulsive, insatiable, unstable, chronic mal-content.

REPRESSED FIVE:  Boring, hesitant, indecisive, passionless, stagnant, indecisive, unimaginative, fear of freedom and change.

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