NINE:  Realization of ultimate and unconditional Love; the release of patterns and beliefs that allows Self expansion and something new to approach for continued experiential expansion.

NINE Timing influence indicates a time to release all of the people, beliefs and rules that do not serve your new vision.  This is an influence that encourages endings, some expected, some not.  Go with the flow in this cycle- you don't have much of a choice anyway.  It's a time to shed what is holding you back so you can face new opportunities with new beliefs and a fresh start.  NINE is a time to discover a new and deepening level of Love, with compassion and without attachment or judgment.   Clutching will cause protracted endings and distress while obscuring new opportunities that will attract a repetition of the lesson through the 1-9 cycle on particularly Self resistant beliefs.

NINE Personalities find comfort in charitable affection and liberal ideals.  Nine's act with compassion and tolerance, living a level of faith that can exemplify itself through profound and prolific art works, and selfless endeavors.  They have the gift of recognizing Ultimate Love and giving it int he moment without judgment.  Nine's often like to collect things, and people, and if they are not mindful of this can be clutching, fearful, bitter and despondent when they resist the culmination and closure of things or situations.

BALANCED NINE: Affectionate, artistic, charitable, compassionate, faithful, forgiving, inspiring, intuitive, liberal, selfless, tender, understanding, willing.

EXCESS NINE: Bitter, deceiving, despondent, discontented, fearful, unfaithful.

REPRESSED NINE: Distant, impassive, indifferent, insensitive, undemonstrative, unsympathetic.

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