SEVEN: Assessment and re-evaluation of the Life's purpose and processes, and ideals.

SEVEN Timing influence indicates a time to stop and think about where you have come from, where you are Now, and where you think you may want to go Next.  Now that some new rules have been established in the six cycle, there needs to be an adjustment of Vision to accommodate the new goals and direction that will naturally result from the new boundaries.  Thinking too much can screw you into the ground, so break the mind-loops with activity or moving meditations which can stimulate the analytical phase, push through mental blocks and recharge the Spirit through balance between physical embodiment and the mind/Consciousness alignment.  Intuition is high during this cycle, but don't over-think the information you are attracting in your quest for data expansion in preparation for your Next step- (8) .  There are no clear sign-posts for a reason, just gather data and remain as centered as you can in your process.  

SEVEN Personalities find comfort in their own thoughts, and in solitary.  They tend to be very astute and can see things from a very broad and philosophical viewpoint.  It is often as difficult for them to communicate these large visions, and they are often looked upon as odd and curious folks with BIG, deep thoughts that are difficult for the Earth and Time bound to comprehend.  Seven's prefer to analyze and pursue the question sometimes more than the anwser.  This trait leads them to better Self understanding- which is their goal.  7's have acute scientific and intellectual prowess in both the physical reality as well as beyond in their outstanding and accurate intuition and psychic talents.

BALANCED SEVEN:  Astute, attentive, calm, clairaudient, clairvoyant, inquisitive, ingenious, intellectual, observant, perceptive, Spiritual, technically gifted, theoretical.

EXCESS SEVEN:  Aloof, antisocial, eccentric, fanatical, obtuse, repressed, suspicious, worried.

REPRESSED SEVEN:  Dense, forgetful, ineffectual, immature, naive, undeveloped, uninformed, simple.

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