The Gifts of the Cycles: Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Epi-cycles


The Gift of Linear Time and Duality Perception 
as a Self-Teaching Tool:

Time-Focused Frequency cycles hold OPPORTUNITIES that serve to support and develop the Mastery of your Multi-Dimensional skills and talents. 

If you have had any experience with the I Ching, for instance,  or, have studied with any book, or exercises on Power Strategies, then you can easily grasp the BUILT IN mechanisms of the Time platform which we co-create within TOGETHER in
a reflective reality platform which, so Beautifully, supports ANYTHING that we believe, and think enough about.

The following descriptors are the Timing cycles of the most commonly used calendar system of linear perception currently in use here in Earth 3/4D, (in Time).  
The Collective Timing cycles describe the overtones of the Collective intentions and activities as Reflected by the INDIVIDUAL's (Your) perception.  

So, whatever method by which YOU can get NOW, and STAY there- is the New Time Game.  
But, for those Times when you are absorbed into the tests and re-tests of old beliefs versus the desire for new reflections and responses within our New NOW Time Reality, the Numbers (in Time) can hold fat data for Your Path as Source Presence. 
And, once you follow along for a while using YOUR Own PERSONAL NUMBER frequency cycles, the only thing left to DO, is BE IN NOW with your Dreams. 

In general, this page will help you to understand the basics of the Time-frequency cycles of the current Collective calendar. 
The Collective concept of {Time} is shifting because I/YOU/WE are adjusting frequency levels. 
TIME is just a Conceptual learning platform. 
 Play with the theories of [frequency Dance]. you explore your options and opportunities within the individual number descriptors of your own Timing Map.  

Personal and Global Day, Month, Year: 

Cycles flow in the TIME of (1-9) stages of opportunity and experience for expansion of the All.  ...consider these cycles as "windows" of growth opportunity.

A Nine-year cycle of (descriptors:1-9) is known as Epicycle.  
The most recent Collective Epicycle ended in 2016.  Anyone in a "body" and interacting with you is experiencing Expansion as a Collective member of some "identity". 
The previous Epicycle began in the summer of 2008, the last Global (9) frequency and included the Shift point of 2012:5 frequency of Unified Expansion processes.  
That particular Epicycle was a re-tuning UP/INto New Time-frequency IDENTITY explorations, with new observations and perceptions of Self, and a better grasp of Innate Expressive (Creative) skills.

This Epicycle, closing in 2016, is opening up a whole New Time-frequency for the Incoming Epicycle of 2017-2025, and a whole new level of perceiving Others as Self.   really make the CONNECTION that We require to fire the New Time circuits on the seeds of the Next level Visions and Collaborations.  This is a chance to learn to really SEE ourSelves in Others, and responding with more deliberate Self Responsibility, with less and less illusory distractions.  
This new Epicycle, beginning the Fall of 2016, is a nine-year fine tuning cycle of the [morphogenic manipulations skills] of the Creator/Seeker. 
This is a point where a BEing learns to get along better with Self, and learns to Co-Create more Joyfully with Others.      

The Global Year cycle influence describes the annual objective of the collective consciousness (in Time), to which all individuals contribute from within their personal year cycle focus.   Yes, You DO matter!  The annual frequency influence is in full effect from 1/1 thru 12/31, (inTime), but there is evidence of these coming opportunities coming into view as early as July of the year prior, and October always brings a harbinger of the coming year's activities and mastery focus.  

The Personal Year cycle influence is in full effect from Jan. 1-Dec 31, (in Time); it describes the annual mastery objectives of the individual and the best approach and posture for taking advantage of the events and opportunities presented for growth and mastery of the individual's Life Path objective (in Time).  The month of October will usually be the harbinger of the activities that you'll be absorbed in for the growth opportunities of that particular annual number frequency of the next year commencing fully in January.  

Global and Personal Day/Month cycle influence describes the best approach to events and opportunities of the DAY, within the objectives and opportunities of the Month, within the over-arching opportunites and objectives of the year

The daily cycle influence begins the evening of the day prior, and dissipates as the next day's cycles begins to raise.

The monthly cycle influence begins the last week of the prior month, and dissipates within the first few days of the following month. 

The cycles are considered in 3 phases for further processual exploration: 

The first phase, as in the numbers 1,2,3- is a phase of initiation; the second phase, as in the numbers 4,5,6- is a phase of productivity; and the third phase, as in the numbers 7,8,9- are for reconciliation and transition to the Next.  

So you can break up any day, month, or year up to see more detail of your Self chosen tests of focused Absolute Presence. 

Dont' worry!!! - when you think you may have missed the point of a cycle opportunity, it WILL come back around again for your mastery- in Perfection. 

This is a NO-FAIL system of expansion.  

We can't get [it] wrong, and we'll NEVER get [it] done! 
This is an Eternally EXPANSIVE adventure!
We just happen to be focused in a reflective Time reality- by CHOICE. 

Putting it all together: 

By watching the frequencies of your own personal Time map and the gifts that these frequencies bring for Your own expansion intentions,  you can get the hang of this easy to see platform of cyclic opportunities, and you'll have consistent guidance by the rhythms of your own Life cycles (in Time). 

As long as we are aware of Time- we are learning about our Eternal Multi-dimensional Creator Presence and the ever-expanding talents possessed.

We also have the idea of Time, itself, as a cheat sheet for streamlining our FOCUS and honing our manifestational skills by working WITH our natural rhythms and cycles.  
Universal Love is ALL Providing to the Seeker. 

For more guidelines on how to understand the Numbers (in Time), also see 

or, follow your own Curiousity. :)
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