There are only a few guidelines to understanding your Time map needed to begin to absorb the data therein.  

One of the most pertinent rules of the structure of the language of the Numbers in Time is the "rule" of ODDS and EVENS...

ODD NUMBERS are numbers of the INNER; of SELF, self perception, thought, inner work, and all internal practices and events supporting this internal clarity. 

In any : 1,3,5,7,9 influence, it's truly ALL about YOU!

EVEN NUMBERS are number of the OUTER reality focus of activities and engagements to try out and play with your internal beliefs and settings regarding your perceptions and desires.  

In any 2,4,6,8 influence, focus will be manifest outward into the Mirror, and involved in cooperative activities, projects, groups, and all things of the physical Time platform like structures, institutions, connectivity, and bodies.