TWO: connecting and creating partnerships and commitments to partnerships and group projects; contributing and participating for the sake of collective ideals.  LISTENING is key in this cycle.

TWO Timing influence indicates a time to reach out and connect with others.  It may seem that you don't even have to seek them out- they will come TO you and surround you.  This is a time to be receptive and cooperate in projects for the sake of seeing the "project" move forward.  Waiting is to be expected with this energy and the opportunities require the development of patience and tolerance.  Offer assistance and support where you can while remaining open to connection and partnerships and newly aligned relationships.  It's also a Time to take ideas formulated in the ONE cycle to the outer arenas to play with and get feedback.  Appropriate words/language are especially important in this frequency opportunity cycle.
BE and SPEAK your Truth.

We might consider the significance of the global 3-4D Timing influence of (TWO) in this current millennial cycle: 2000-2999 (in Time).
Each and every 2 that cycles into this grand cycle - via personal or global 2 days, months, or years- is activated and enhanced within this 2 frequency of gifts and opportunities for the Human Collective experience (in Time) where the goal is to achieve a Knowing of CONNECTION, opening lines of COMMUNICATION*, COOPERATION, BALANCE, PARTNERSHIPS.

The buzz phrase: "unity consciousness" is not a coincidence- it's fully evident that we are beginning to learn how to play well with other reflections in the co-created reality platform (in Time).
( *INCLUDING inter-species communications and telepathy-'ll just have to get used to it. )
2 is a Time of connecting with allies.  Layers of working partnerships are usually plentiful in a 2 cycle.   In 2 frequency  we learn that we are NOT alone, and that connecting harmoniously brings great satisfaction.

TWO Personalities find comfort in the connection and company of others consistently   They are built to help and tend to see their own assistance as necessary for the sake of seeing the project through.  They often DO for others simply because they see that they can.  Cooperation is their trademark.  But when this energy is not in balance, they tend to be somewhat of a doormat, forgetting their own individuality and needs, and suffer the dis-eases of the "victim", and a constant stream of obstacles and turmoil at the "hand" of "others".   Which we Know is not the Truth of manifestation- but rather a trick of DUALITY and the illusory contrast that helps you to make more fulfilling choices based on your own preferences of experience.

BALANCED TWO ENERGY is adaptable, amiable, considerate, cooperative, gracious, humble, tolerant, loyal, patient, receptive, supportive, communicative, and tactful.

EXCESS TWO ENERGY: oversensitive, un-supportive, scheming, meddling, cool, busybody.

REPRESSED TWO ENERGY: Apathetic, disinterested, inconsiderate, insensitive, negligent, rude, vacillating.

*this clip is the amusing side of working toward cooperation AND Inter-species communications - and surely a perfect example of the test of 2 frequency at it's most resistant!  (makes you want to see the whole film, doesn't it?)

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