"The broad definition of Numerology is: the study of the cycles and patterns in Time.  Numerology, as i practice it, uses a base 9 system. The Numbers 1 through 9, plus Zero, encapsulate descriptors in a simple LINEAR into NON-LINEAR coding system. These base energies create matter in a Time reality. Numbers, as symbolic representatives of those base frequencies, describe the energy and intentions behind behaviors and opportunities and within our co-created and private realities.   

 The understanding of the language of Numbers is not any more or less important than any other device or abstact language that we may use to access Knowledge for our individual awareness and growth.  This includes the tools of the theoretic arts / sciences and spiritual texts.  Although there are many esoteric languages that are shrouded in secrecy, hierarchy, and elitism, Knowledge IS everywhere, and IN everything- IF we 
pay attention, and, if we ASK. 

NUMEROLOGY is an uncomplicated language that uses nine numeric symbols, plus zero.  What Numerology has to offer us has always has been out in the open and is used in every culture. Numbers have pragmatic information regarding mundane activities in the physical world that can be understood and applied for better understanding and more p[ersonal Responsibility in the co-creative process. 
Time is a supportive foundation of Self Realization that holdsinformation about the unfoldment of Self Knowledge in more expansive, non-linear terms.
AND, it's right there in all of lives in all of our Time keeping systems via the symbols of Numbers.  All Earth Time systems, nomatter what symbols they use translate to the digits represented for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9- (plus 
Zero, which is not a number, but a magnifier).
Time is a perception.  Perceptions are tools.  Some tools get you where you want to go more efficiently than others.  Some tools/perceptions, which are no longer useful, are filtered out eventually, but serve to highlight the contrast that is the propelling force toward our desires....so, it really IS ALL good.    
The perceptions of a cyclic reality provides opportunities to practice things until we don't need the "training wheels" of Time any longer.    We are fast approaching that point, as a 
species.  We, collectively, are beginning to trust the most powerful, accurate, personal translation tool of all....OUR OWN GUT KNOWING.    But, during the uptake on this development-  ANY  tool, or, perspective that illuminates a path of least resistance to our
 desires (ALLOWING) is a very useful tool, indeed! 
But, if you want to get to know your own personal Time Map, watch my little numerology 101 videos below, ...